Friday, January 19, 2007

A Very Productive week.

I finished the PFS on Saturday, but haven't blocked it yet, maybe tomorrow when my parents have C for the day, that way I can vacuum and pin out on C's floor.
I finished the first Endpaper Mitt on Sunday, before going over to Danny's for a haircut (my first in a year...Yikes), bud didn't cast on for the second one right away. Instead I decided to work on Lucie for a bit...
Then I noticed that I had dropped an edge stitch on Lucie 20 rows back. *sigh* To the frog pond she went for now, until I can either tighten my gauge enough to work on one of my circular needles (from a 2 to a 3, which is in use, but more on that later) or I break down and buy a size 2 circ (with my next knit picks order, after the yarn diet has shed some more weight).
So I did an actual gauge swatch for the PBSJ, and hit gauge on my size 4 knit pick options, and cast on for the back panel. So far this is an easy knit with just enough of a cable to keep me from getting completely bored. I am on row 30, almost done with the large bottom triangle. I have to say, I am impressed with how the pleats come together, but not as happy with working with the KP Merino style as I was last time. I am knitting on bigger needles, but it feels like the yarn is bigger than the last batch I got for Christmas of 2005. But, as I get further into my second ball of yarn (already) I see it getting softer, and thinner, so maybe there was just one ball of yarn that was too bulky. We will have to see. Hopefully this doesn't end up eating all 20 balls of yarn, because I really want to have leftover to knit the Deep V Argyle Vest.
I also cast on for the POTW stole on Sunday, using an invisible cast on from Victorian Lace Today, and after a few false starts with the cast on, it has been smooth sailing so far... The only thing I don't like is how I have to move stitch markers with almost every row, but if I keep track of my YO's I think I have come up with a way to do it without having to move markers. More on that later. As of last night, I am six repeats in (of 34 if I knit it in one piece)
Monday was a holiday, so more knitting on the two new projects.
Tuesday it was back to work, and it was frigid, not cold, but frigid, in our building. I cursed myself out for not completing the second Endpaper Mitt all day, and cast on for it at lunch. I made an executive decision to put all other knitting on hold and to get the second mitt done ASAP, and stayed up late Tuesday night working on the first repeat of the color chart.
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning that light chance of snow that wasn't going to do anything turned into a major storm for the area, bad enough for the University to close (during the first week of classes for the Semester!) so I had more time to work on the second Mitt, when C wasn't demanding my full attention (his daycare was closed that day as well). That night when S was putting him to bed, I finished the second mitt, wove in the ends for both of them and blocked them. Thursday morning, my hands were glad to have their warmth.
Thursday night was back to knitting on PBSJ and POTW. This weekend I hope to block the PFS, get some more done on the PBSJ, and do another couple repeats on the POTW.

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