Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SO much for knitting just from my stash...

After Seeing the swatches FlyinMySoup did for the Veniza pullover, I think that I must add that to my To do List. But I am seeing a sweater done in shades of pink and green, or green and purple, with blue swirles. If my math is right (and since I don't actually own a copy of the Fall IWN, so it probally isn't) my size would only take 18 balls of Palette, and therefor I could make the sweater for $40 ish. But since I won't have any money for things like that until after the tax fairy commeth, I should be able to know out a project or two before then.

I am on row 236 of the PFS. I know I can finish it this weekend. I might not block it this weekend, but it will be done. I will try to take some photos of it this weekend, since I don't have time to take photos and upload them durring the week (thats precious knitting time, and its dark by the time I get home, plus I need to spend time with C)

Lucie will not make a good travel project, since she is being knit on straght needles, so I will probally cast on for the POTWS or the PBSJ once the Endpaper Mitts are done.

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