Sunday, June 24, 2007

FO: Rusted Root

No photo of me wearing it, but I am done with Rusted Root!

Pattern: Rusted Root from Zepher Style

Yarn: Cotton Ease Sugar Plum, 4 skeins, has been in stash for 2 years.

Needles: Size 5 for body, 3 for ribbing

Size: Large

Cast on: May 2007, Cast off June 2007

Modifications: After 4 repeats I changed the leaf pattern to make both sides look neater. I left out the waist shaping on the body so I could maybe wear it for a month or so in pregnancy, not going to happen. Might go back and add another inch or two later on.

Its not a knit I see myself wearing out that much, maybe next spring and summer, but it was a popular pattern that I had stash yarn to knit.

There has been some knitting on other projects as well.

I'm about 60 rows in on the front of Mommy Snug. This has been my main week day knitting project this week, but I haven't done much knitting on it. There is something about rows and rows of 2X2 ribbing that drives one nuts.

I did get my new 16inch size 3 needles Thursday, and have done 2 repeats of the Venezia sleeve pattern since then. I think the longer stripes will work with the body, but I don't think I can get both sleeves to match up.

DH and I went and saw Spamalot Friday night for our anniversary, it was a riot, and not a complete rip off of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. My parents have had C since Friday, and they are due to drop him off any time now. While I loved having a child free day last night, I can't wait to have my little boy in my arms again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yes, I'm pregnant!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest after knowing for 2 weeks. So far, I'm feeling good, really tired, but no MS yet (knock on wood). Right now we are looking at a EDD of mid February.

I haven't really felt much like knitting lately, but I've been getting a little done.

I finished Rusted Root, but I haven't got any photos yet. I need to "wash and block", but since it is knit in cotton ease, I figure running it through the washer and dryer will be good enough. I did modify the the pattern a bit by leaving out the waist shaping, that way I would be able to wear it a little bit this summer, but I don't know how long.

I have done a bit more on Venezia, but I had too many stitches to do DPN's right, and way too few to use my one size 3 circ needle (even with magic loop), so I'm waiting on a 16inch needle to come in from KP before I do much more. I have lost steam on this sweater knowing that I won't be able to wear it this winter,

I did start my Mommy Snug, from the Summer 06 Interweave Knits. I'm using more yarn from stash, Cotton Ease in Popsicle blue, and I am pretty close to gauge, but not 100%. I figure since it is a maternity sweater in ribbing, the extra bit of room won't be too bad. I cast on Sunday and have 50 rows done already, so this looks like it will be a faster knit than I thought it would be.

I'm still waiting for the start of the Mystery Stole 3 knit along, which will be next Friday. I need to get back in the lace mode. I haven't finished a lace project since April.

I'm also looking forward to Friday night when DH and I are going to see Spamalot. The tickets were our anniversary present to each other for 5 beautiful years together.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finally, a week for knititng.

After taking a week's break from Venezia, and with many stupid mistakes that shall not be repeated, I have finally started the first sleeve! I decided to save my sanity and not P2tog the hem, but will slow it down when I am finished knitting. There isn't much to see yet, but it will look better in the next photo.

I have been working mostly on Rusted Root this week. I have finished the ribbing on the neck and the sleeves, and only have the rest of the body to finish. I think I have three repeats to finish until the bottom ribbing, and I may have it done by the end of next weekend.

The Alpine Knit Scarf has once again, regrettably, been sent to the Frog Pond. Not for any mistakes with the pattern, but because I hadn't touched it in two weeks, since we were waiting to see Pirates 3, and I needed the yarn for something better.
The Mystery Shall 3 was announced this week, which I signed up or, and the called for colors are either white or black. Midnight Heather Alpaca Cloud would be perfect. I went out and found beads, and bought a small enough hook. It can been seen here, since I accidentally deleted the picture and don't know how to re-upload it with out having to start the whole post over
Cast on is at the end of the month.

I have one other project that I am excited to start, but not ready to blog about yet. I think the photo will give a hint: The yarn has been in my stash for the last two years, since Cotton Ease was first discontinued, and I bought enough of a dye lot to make a sweater, which has been abandoned. I think I have enough yarn for my size, but I'm not 100% sure.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Knitting under the influence.

Yeah, not a good idea.

I had to frog the first sleeve of Venezia twice, and many times over on the color work.

I missed 10 stitches when I cast on, and it really threw off the color work.

Venezia is in time out for the rest of the week.

Rusted Root has come out to play this week, with a little bit of Alpine Lace, but I really haven't done much knitting this week.

I have been working on setting up my Ravelry account and reading the new Anita Blake book.

Did I mention I now have a Ravelry account? Its so cool!