Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 Finished Objects

All of these are on my Ravelry page, but I don't think I blogged about very many on here.

Baby Shrug
knitting 019

Nantucket Jacket
knitting 006

knitting 007

Ropped Shell
knitting 001

Kaylee in Katja

Wakame Lace Tunic
Knitting 007

Knitting 021

Knitting 003

Green Hoodie for Corwin
Knitting 035

Knitting 037

Green Hoodie for Kaylee
Knitting 042

Silken Scabbard

Francis Revisited

I did finish a lot more this year than I thought I did. Going through my Flicker page, I also realised I have a lot of WIP's hiding around, and a lot of items that went to the Frog Pond.

Help I've Fallen and I cant get up!

I was doing so good with being on plan, dieting, working out and losing weight. I had lost 12 lbs in a 2 1/2 months, and was down a size.

Then the holidays hit.

And I ate
and ate
and ate
and stopped working out.
and ate
and ate.

And re-gained 7 lbs.

Beck diet solution, yeah that didn't last past week 3.

100 AP's in November? I earned a grand total of 10

Goal to get under 100 lbs before the daughter's first birthday? I'm back at what I weighed at the start of October. Its not going to happen.

But I recommied starting today (yeah, yeah, famous New Years resolution), and have worked out already today, and I will go shopping for only healthy foods today.

And I will do better about posting on here.

I will do a belated year end wrap up of my knitting here later today.