Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 days

That's it. 10 days until my birthday.

Also, 10 days until H's birthday and I have lots of knitting to finish for her.

I have the first Jaywalker sock done and I am done with the leg of the second one. I have also tarted a Calorimetry out of the leftover yarn from C's birthday sweater, which was a real quick knit. I cast off on it last night, but haven't taken any photos yet.

I haven't done much work on D's PFS in the last week. I am back at the point where it was frigged, but I have been focusing mainly on getting the Jaywalkers done. I think when they are done, I will go back to the PFS full time.

C did some holiday shopping for me on EBay.

2200 yards of fingerling weight Austrian Merino wool. I think I see a Lucie coming up, which will take me forever, which is good since I joined Wendy's Knit From Your Stash 2007 project. I think I have enough birthday and Christmas yarn coming, if not, I can hit Simpatico with birthday money that my brother is going to give me. I think my one "Get out of Jail Free Card" will be used for the Firecracker sale in July.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moving Right Along

The PFS is almost back to the point that it was at when I showed it off last. I am about halfway though chart 2, and so far, so good on this time around

The first Jaywalker is about halfway through the foot. I love how pale the colors are in this (pardon the washed out look from the flash) I hope H enjoys getting them for her birthday.

The Holiday decorations are all done. The Santa's Marching Band has made another appearance, the first in our new house. C hasn't been as thrilled with it this year as he was last year, but our new neighbors said they have the same band ready to come out when they unpack the Holiday stuff.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trial and error

After much trial, error and frogging, I finally made it off of Chart 1 of PFS again, and stuck a lifeline in there so fast. I'm started the second feather pattern on Chart 2 this morning, and hope to be back to where I was by Sunday, but next week the Jaywalker socks are going to be bumped to the top of the knit list, so I can have them done by the morning of the 24th. I only hope they will fit H's foot, since they are a tad too tight for me. I turned the heal on Saturday, and should finish the gusset of the first sock today, so I don't think I will have a problem.

We are 90% of the way done with holiday shopping. Saturday was all about shopping for C while he was with is grandparents. We got him a ... Well, you are going to have to wait until after the holidays to find out.

I did decided to gift out my Swallowtail Shawl to S's grandmother, since she is so hard to shop for, and it is small enough for her to get on and off in bed. I think in January I will start holiday knitting for next Christmas, knitting socks for everyone, but I haven't really decided yet.

I also want to say I hate the lighting in our house for trying to get pictures. S hates having any overhead light on in the evening, and it is too dark to use natural light when I get home, so I try to get photos on the weekend, but we are too busy.