Sunday, September 23, 2007

How many days does it take to knit a lace shawl

If it is a super easy, super fast, super small shawl that you have knit before?

Swallowtail as of Friday Morning
7, including the day you take off of work for a "knitting sans DH and child" break. That's right, the second Swallowtail shawl shawl that I cast on for last Saturday, and knit on like crazy all week, is now a FO. Well, it will be after I block it when it is DH's turn to do bedtime tonight.

As soon as I finished binding off, I started swatching for for Mr Greenjeans. I started with my normal 2 needle sizes below the called for gauge, but it was too tight, so I went up to 7's, and it was still too tight, but almost there. Here's where I decided to throw caution to the wind, and just start knitting with 8's. I did stop and check gauge when I was a few inches in, and it was spot on, and since I am knitting a smaller size then I normally wear, any growing in the blocking will be a good thing. I got to the point where I separated the sleeves before I stopped for a progress pic.
The patterning on the yarn is really busy, but it is growing on me. This will either be the ugliest pregnant woman sweater that doesn't cover the belly, or it will wind up being over dyed with kool-aid to help tame the colors.
I also finally got a progress pic of the Monkey's that have been on the needles since July. I finished the first sock in less than 2 weeks, and have been on the second sock since the last week of July. Talk about second sock syndrome.

And second shawl syndrome. The second Peacock Feathers has also been on the needles since July (July 4th), and I'm only on chart 5. I know I only have a few charts left, but this has been an effort to work on more than a few rows a week.
We have been doing a lot of planning for C's birthday, and have started going out and looking at all the new baby stuff on the market. All three of us were going "Awww" at the cute little girl outfits at the store today.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

100th Post

And Baby News! Its a GIRL!

I'm working away on the second SwallowTail shawl. I cast on Saturday, and I am already halfway through the first Lily of the Valley lace chart. I think I will have this done either Saturday or Sunday, and then I can cast on for Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty. My yarn came from Webs last night, and I can't wait to cast on.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Venezia is finished!

but I have no new photos to share, since yesterday was a busy day and I couldn't get DH to help me with non-bathroom mirror shots, and the fact that it was in the 90's and I didn't' feel like putting on wool.

Now I'm in the "Big project that has consumed my life for the last 5 months is finished, and I have nothing to work on" stage, even though I really have 3 other things on the needles.

The Peacock Feathers 2 shawl is coming along slowly. Since this is for me (I think) I have no real deadline to finish. Since it is a shawl, I can take FO picks any time of the year/stage of the pregnancy. I did finally get around to winding the second ball of yarn for this, but haven't started the second ball yet.

I have a pair of socks that I cast on for mid July, Monkey's in Jojoland Kaleidoscope, that I have been on the second sock for months, and really only work on in the car, with DH driving, when we are going more than 10 miles. I just started the 5th repeat of the leg pattern, and have quiet a bit left to go.

I did cast on for a second Swallowtail Shawl, in some of the Misti Alpaca Lace left over from the Cap Shawl, which might wind up being a birthday/and or/Christmas present for my sister. This is going fairly fast, and I am almost done with the 10th out of 14 repeats of the Rose Bud lace pattern. Then I have to face the dreaded nupps, but since I'm using my knit picks needles, I don't think it will be that much of an issue. At least I hope. I think this will be a fast knit, if I make it my #1 priority this week, and should have it FO by this weekend.

There are two patterns in the new Fall Knitty that I have fallen in love with, and plan to make. Mr. Greenjeans looks like it will be a fast, easy sweater that i should be able to wear (unbuttoned) all pregnancy, and during the early weeks after the little one is born. I was bad and ordered some yarn from webs to knit this (pics when it arrives). I also love Muir which is the first fairly complicated looking bit of lace I've seen in Knitty. I think I am going to use my much used/frogged black KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud (that has been put through such Frogged items as the Mystery Stole 3 and the twice started and frogged Alpine Lace Scarf) for this project. But I need to finish the other two bits of lace I have on the needles before I can cast on.

C's birthday is coming up in a little more than two weeks, and part of me feels guilty for not having knit him a birthday sweater this year, but he hardly wore the one I knit last year, and to be frank, the little guy likes being cold. It doesn't matter how cold it is at night, he will only sleep in a tee-shirt and diaper, and will resist any attempts of putting covers on him. Last winter he wore his birthday sweater twice, and only after much fussing, yelling, and screaming. If he wants a sweater this year, I think I will buy him one. He has become fascinated with all things Star Wars in the last few weeks, and I think his family party is going to be very Star Wars oriented, from the cake (Yoda), to the gifts (a new lightsaber and the one movie we don't have on DVD), with a bit of Little Einsteins thrown in.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Almost a FO!

I finished knitting the last sleeve of Venezia tonight! And thought I would get some quick photos taken while I had time. Here is the body all laid out
Close up of the sleeves. While the stripes don't match up 100%, I like it.
A quick seaming later.... and I can fit it on over my 17 1/2 week pregnant belly. I sill have to finish weaving in ends and blocking, but I think she looks good.

And while I had the camera out, here is an official belly shot!