Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Now with actual Knitting Content

Life is sorting itself out.  I'm not going to write that much about my personal problems here, I have another blog going for that.

I did realise I hadn't posted any knitting content in forever.

 September and October I found myself knitting the kids sweaters.

Cobblestone Pullover for Corwin in Hand-spun Merino/South African Fine
Sweet Poppy Cardigan for Kaylee in hand-spun Organic Merino
I had worked on two sweaters for myself, but both turned out too large for myself :( and since I currently in weight loss mode, I am putting sweater knitting for myself on hold for myself.  Both sweaters are patterns that I love, and will re knit later.

Instead of working on sweaters, I'm working on socks and shawls, and items that will fit me at any size.  Currently on the needles are:
Nightingale  Socks

Escherichia Socks
Silver Bells and Cockle Shells Shawl

But I'll go into more about my knitting projects later (when I'm not at work)