Friday, June 29, 2012

Wow, over two years

Yes, its been over two years since my last blog post. Things have been super crazy in my life. The husband went through nursing school, I worked, the boy child started school, and the girl keeps getting bigger and smarter. And were getting a divorce :( Fuck my life. But I think that starting to blog again will help me as I try to pull my life together. And the Tour de Fleece will be starting tomorrow and I'm excited about that. I have lots of fun spinning planned for the next three weeks. I've been having problems getting photos to come out so (sob)
Field of Dreams, Spunky Club June 2012 Fiber. Shetland, Wants to be spun as a very fine N Ply
Abstract, Spunky Club February 2012 Fiber, Corridale. Will be a 3 ply. Maybe a N ply, not sure.
Chocolate to Aqua gradient, Fiber Optic, Merino Silk. Spinning on my Russian spindle as a very fine lace weight. I will be keeping up with blogging more during the tour. Cyn