Monday, November 26, 2007

Not the Batteries

but the camera that is dead. Grrr.
I've been a knitting fool lately, but not a good blogger. I kept telling myself that I couldn't blog until I got new batteries so I could post photos. I got new batteries, put them in, and have a black screen. *sigh*
I finished the Mock Harlet Wedding Shawl in 4 weeks!!! It went really fast, and was much easier than I anticipated. It took me a few nights of plotting on graph paper to figure out a bridge for the two patterns, and I think it is more seamless than the original, but of course, I can't show it off. I wound up doing 6 repeats of the Springtime design, weighing the ball after each repeat, and checking an online triangle shawl calculator to make sure I would have enough yarn to finish the 50 row border. I wound up with a small ball left.
I've also completed the first bit of baby knitting, a pair of Saartja's Booties in the left over yarn from my Monkies. I think I have enough to either do an other pair or a small hat for her.
Next on the baby knitting front, the Pea Pod Baby Set from Kate Gilbert. I got gauge in some Brown Sheep Natura Spun Sport, in apple green left over from Cromarity last year, and I think this is going to go fast. C is insisting that I knit a sweater for him out of the same green yarn, and I think I will have enough to knit something for him as well.
I've also cast on for the Rona Lace shawl, a Knit Picks Pattern, in some of the Alpaca Cloud Iris Heather that DH got me for my birthday last year.
I hope to get photos of stuff soon to show off, but don't know when/if the camera will be fixed.