Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Body Works.

I finished knitting the body of Venezia last night! Since I am subbing for non-Shetland wool yarn, I decided to take out some steek insurance, and crochet them before cutting. C was most excited to watch me cut the steeks this afternoon, and I think he likes the finished product.
I like it too. I "tried" it on the best I could without having the shoulders seamed, and it fits! Most susprising, I think the neck mod looks real close to Eunny's last teaser sweater, but I can't be certain until I have this bad girl finished and blocked. I am going to finish the neckline like the pattern says, with the short-row shaping, but I need to wait for payday to get a size one circ needle, and if I can't find one in town, that means placing a KP order.

Until then, I've started on sleeve island, trying to fit the cuff on my size 1 DPN's.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Black Lace and a Dark Movie Theatre Don't Mix.

DH and I took off early yesterday to go see Pirates 3 while C was still at daycare. Thinking we were going to stop off at home before heading up, I didn't bring one of my main knitting projects with me to work on before the show.
DH had other plans, and we went from work to Wendy's and straight to the Cinamark.
He had the Harry Potter books with him on his PDA to read, and he told me to go ahead and knit something.
The only thing I had with me was the Alpine Knit Scarf, which is on size 2 needles, in black lace weight. While we were standing outside the theater in the light, it was fine to knit, and I got a good 3 rows done. After we were seated, it was a different matter. They had the lights turned to the almost off, and hadn't started playing the onscreen pre-movie adds that theatres play now.
I managed to wedge myself in the seat so I at least had the white screen as in front of me without holding my knitting up to my eye level at all times, and got another two rows knit.

The movie ROCKED! Both DH and I left the theatre saying we HAD to go back and see it again after we got paid, (Or Monday and put it on the CC, and its been a long time since we felt that way after seeing a movie.

I'm still podding away on all three knits, and looking ahead to what is next.

Next lace will be the Peacock Feathers Shawl, again, but this time for me, in KP's Alpaca Cloud Tide pool, but I need to finish both The Alpine Knit Scarf and Venezia, since I currently have my size 3 cir busy with that.

Next Fair Isle will be the Bauhaus Fair Isle from the Spring 2007 IWK (Unless Eunny publishes another amazing pattern before then). I've been looking at Subs, and I think Knit Picks Telemark will work best, but it leaves me pondering. If KP Telemark is a sport weight yarn at 103 Yards per 50 grams, why does KP WOTA, a worsted weight have 110 yards? But it looks like the Telemark knits up to the same gauge as the called for Heilo, at $3 less per skein.

Next "Anytime" sweater will either be Wicked or maybe Saharah or the Simple Knitted Bodice, or any of a thousand projects that will come across my eyes between now and then.

*ETA*- Black Lace, Work, surfing Bloglines while knitting the row where the pattern changes don't mix either. I lost count completely after I read about Glampyre's good news. Since I don't have a Word Press Account, and can't commit on her blog, I wanted to say CONGRATS! here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now with Photos!

There has been a lot of progress on Venezia since I last took photos. Saturday I got up to the start of the arm steaks, and decided to try on for fit one last time:
I am not happy with how the hem keeps flipping up, and if it doesn't block out flat, I am going to rip it out and re-knit on size 1 needles, after I buy them.
I did another 3/4s of a repeat before I decided to modify the neck. I put the center 60 stitches on waste yarn, and grafted out a gradual scoop.

I'm thinking I will have the body done by next Thursday (if not earlier), and will start on sleeve island in June.

I also started Rusted Root on Sunday. I have about 20 rows before I separated the sleeves, but I am running out of room on my needles already. So far the pattern is easy, but I am wishing that I had used the Rose Leaf charts from the AKS since the lace charts are written odd.

C is doing better today, and went to day care for the first time all week. I think he had a good day, and I hope he goes to bed early since DH and I need to do some major house cleaning tonight.
Tomorrow DH and I are taking off early to see Pirates and do lunch.
Today is the anniversary of the day we first saw our house. If we had to chose again, I don't know if I would pick this house again, but right now, it is home.

FO: Leaf

Well, its not one of my favorite FO's, but its a FO.

Pattern: Leaf by Stephanie Japel
Yarn: Mystery Green Wool bought on, my first wool yarn purchase, 3 hanks.
Needles: KnitPicks Options, size 6, various length cables
Time: About 3 weeks, with working on other projects
Size: I started planning on making the 45" bust, but changed to the 40" after holding it up to me. I'm glad I didn't make it the larger size, since this thing is already big.
Modifications: I shortened the arms a bunch. I was going to skip the i-cord all together, but the neck was rolling way to much.
What I learned: Top down- this was my first top down sweater, but not my last, in fact I cast on for another top down about 5 minutes after I finished seaming this one. I-cord- in two years of serious knitting this was my first attempt at doing i-cord. I think I only minded it when it was time to attach the i-cord to the neck.

Depending on the dress I get to wear on our anniversary, this one might actually get worn once. or twice.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've Been a Bad Blogger Lately.

Not only am I not updating the blog as often as I would like to, when I do its at work and without any photos.
Since I broke the screen on my laptop, and have to use a monitor screen, its just not as easy to get on the computer at home, and now I find that C has taken the cable that allows me to download photos and hid it somewhere.

Saturday I did a lot of knitting on Venezia. I started the arm steeks, and am almost done doing the decrees rows there, then I have 48 rows without any increases or decreases before I start the neck. I think I might be able to have the body done in a few weeks.

Sunday I finished Leaf while watching the Ninja Warrior marathon on G4. I do have some cruddy bathroom photos to post as soon as I can. I sucked it up and did the i-cord edging around the body, and except for a few spots where I missed a pick up stitch, it looks pretty decent.

I then cast on for Rusted Root in some old Cotton Ease that has been in the stash for 2 years. While I love how the knitted fabric feels, I forgot what a number the cotton ease can do on your hands. I think this is going to be a slow knit for the most part, but that's ok with me.

C has been sick all weekend, I stayed home with him yesterday, and DH is home with him today. Since C has gotten worse last night/this morning, DH is taking him in to the Doc's in about an hour.

I finally got a chance to look through the Summer Interweave Knits, and it just reaffirmed that this is one issue I won't be buying. The few things that looked like I might knit didn't look as good to me in print.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Artistic Licence.

One important part of knitting is to pick projects that feature new techniques that will challenge us, and teach us new techniques. One of the reasons I picked Leaf to work on is the i-cord, which I have never done before.

I started the i-cord edging on Monday night after finishing the first sleeve, and got a few inches in before deciding that the I-cord was coming out way to thick, about the size of my thumbs.

Ok, So I frog it all out, and re-start on size 4 DPN's, about two sizes smaller. The i-cord is still a bit thick, but it looks better, and it takes me a little over an hour to get to the 11 inches called for before starting the attached i-cord.

The directions state Now work applied i-cord around neckline as foll: *k4 on DPN, then knit last st tog with 1 st picked up from right front neck edge—5 sts. Slide sts back to working end of needle and rep from *.

I got two inches in and decided it looked like crap. Frog back, and try again, still looking like crap and I've been attaching to the left side.

Frog again, attach to the right side this time, but still looking like ass.

Third time's the Frog. Decided to just knit the i-cord solo and sew on. Work on the i-cord for another half hour this morning hating every inch of the lumpy tubular thing that was coming off of my needles, thinking there must be something easier.

Like crocheting the ties and the edging.

Frog for the forth time, look through drawers to find an appropriate crochet hook, modify the leaf so I start with three stitches, and start whipping out a chain. Had the 11 inches done in 60 seconds flat. Started attaching to the body (from the left, because I am feeling rebellious) and get halfway done with the front before I remember that today is a work day, and I do need to get dressed and get C up and moving.

I think I will be done with the i-cord this evening, and then all I have left is the last sleeve and seaming.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

To all the Mothers and Mom's to be out there!

My Mothers day present was a day to myself yesterday, of which I spent a large chunk of time knitting on Leaf. The body is finished, and I am working away on the Sleeves. I think it might be possible to have a FO on this by the end of next weekend.

I did some knitting on Venezia today while we were at my mothers.

I am about half way done with the fourth chart repeat, and about 23 rows away from starting the steeks for the arms, again, I am thinking by next weekend.

I did break my "No more than two at a time" rule and re-cast on for the Alpine Lace Scarf last night. This time I am working on the size 2 Knit Pick options that I bought last month, and the P2tog's are going a lot smoother.
DH also bought me the pattern for Rusted Root, which I am planning on knitting with some Cotton Ease that has been in the stash for over two years, when I bought up tons at half price.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Computer problem fixed...

Sort of.
DH mentioned the problem with my laptop to his boss, and his boss gave him an old 17inch flat screen monitor that they had no use for other than collecting dust.
So, we got the monitor set up to the computer, same size screen as the lap top had, so no real change there. Now I have to type on the laptop, and turn my head to look at the screen. DH and I are thinking of hooking an external keyboard and mouse up as well, and just using my laptop as a CPU unit. But that would be silly looking, wouldn't it?

It was late by the time we got it hooked up last night, and I didn't' get any photos shot or uploaded, but I will try to do that tonight while cooking and DH takes C to the park (weather permitting).

What also made it late last night was the dogs both got out while C and I were going out front to wait on DH to get home with dinner. I set C down in our front yard and took chase, since both dogs were headed to the park. I cornered Ying, and got her back home, but Yang was across the street and running fast. I went in and grabbed the quick leash, since Yang can't seam to keep any collar on for more than 5 minutes. So, I grab the collar and C, and we head out the door running. A group of guys playing basketball in the park said that he took off running to the left. As I was looking that way, I saw DH driving up, so I flagged him down, put C in his car seat, and hopped in the passenger seat. We drove up and down the street calling his name and asking anyone we passed if they saw a orangish brown dog run by. Nothing. Its at this time that it sinks in just how close we are to Hwy 377 (Carroll) and that my baby could be hit by a car. C kept asking where Yang was, was he hiding in the leaves? on the roof? in that garage? After going the full length of the street DH decides to drive by our house to see if he showed up on his own, nothing, and we drive down the the cul-de-sac to turn around, and there we see him, running after the car. Thank god! I got out of the car and gave Yang a big hug, put the leash on him and walked him home. I'm so glad he is safe, but he gave me a major scare.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm an Idiot.

I broke my laptop on Friday, so I am temporally unable to blog (or post photos!!!) from home.
How did I break it? I forgot that I had a pen resting on the keyboard, and I went to close it, cracking the screen. DH thinks we can hook the laptop up to a monitor so I'm not completely without Internet action at home (he will not let me touch his laptop after this), but until then...

I didn't get much knitting done over the weekend either. I think I have done 20 rows on Venezia since last Monday. I am almost done with the third repeat of the chart, only 3 or 4 left to go, plus the sleeves.

(This spot marking where a photo would bee)
I did manage to get a bit more done on Leaf. I put the sleeves on holders Thursday night while watching Grays, and started the increases for the front by the ties yesterday. Now I just have rows and rows of stockingnet stitch left to do for both the body and the sleeves.
(Marking off another would-be photo)
I did spend part of Saturday night teaching D how to knit. She seems to be picking up the knit stitch really well, and I have her practicing until the next time when I will show her how to purl.
More of a longer update, and photos when I have the ability to blog from home again.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thank you all so much!

For the kind comments of the Cap Shawl! I can't tell you how pleased I am with how it turned out!
Now that I am done working on that, it is back to the much neglected Venezia. I am a little over two pattern repeats in, and just joined the second ball of yarn for the background color yesterday. I know that I will have more than enough yarn for the entire sweater now.
I do have a dilemma though. I know that I won't be able to get the bands of color to match from the sleeves to the body, and that doesn't bug me too much. I'm just trying to figure out which will be better.
I could just do the sleeves with the wider stripes and have them not match at the shoulder.
I could knit both sleeves as one big tub, incorporating a steak seam like in a cardigan, cut and sew.
I could knit both the body and two separate sleeves up to the steak, and join as one, and work the decreases as indicated in the pattern.
The first option sounds easiest to me, and I can always do that and if I decide I don't like it BEFORE I cut the steaks, I can frog back and do one of the other options.

I did cast on for another project Friday night to give me a break from stranded color work:

Its the Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties that has as an excerpt from Fitted Knits. This is the first top down sweater that I have attempted, and so far, it makes for great mindless knitting, with wonderful style. The yarn is mystery wool that I got off of Ebay two years ago when I discovered there was yarn other than Red Heart Super Saver. Its a bit scratchy, and smells a little, but I like how the color is ties in with the leaf theme.