Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Artistic Licence.

One important part of knitting is to pick projects that feature new techniques that will challenge us, and teach us new techniques. One of the reasons I picked Leaf to work on is the i-cord, which I have never done before.

I started the i-cord edging on Monday night after finishing the first sleeve, and got a few inches in before deciding that the I-cord was coming out way to thick, about the size of my thumbs.

Ok, So I frog it all out, and re-start on size 4 DPN's, about two sizes smaller. The i-cord is still a bit thick, but it looks better, and it takes me a little over an hour to get to the 11 inches called for before starting the attached i-cord.

The directions state Now work applied i-cord around neckline as foll: *k4 on DPN, then knit last st tog with 1 st picked up from right front neck edge—5 sts. Slide sts back to working end of needle and rep from *.

I got two inches in and decided it looked like crap. Frog back, and try again, still looking like crap and I've been attaching to the left side.

Frog again, attach to the right side this time, but still looking like ass.

Third time's the Frog. Decided to just knit the i-cord solo and sew on. Work on the i-cord for another half hour this morning hating every inch of the lumpy tubular thing that was coming off of my needles, thinking there must be something easier.

Like crocheting the ties and the edging.

Frog for the forth time, look through drawers to find an appropriate crochet hook, modify the leaf so I start with three stitches, and start whipping out a chain. Had the 11 inches done in 60 seconds flat. Started attaching to the body (from the left, because I am feeling rebellious) and get halfway done with the front before I remember that today is a work day, and I do need to get dressed and get C up and moving.

I think I will be done with the i-cord this evening, and then all I have left is the last sleeve and seaming.

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