Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Body Works.

I finished knitting the body of Venezia last night! Since I am subbing for non-Shetland wool yarn, I decided to take out some steek insurance, and crochet them before cutting. C was most excited to watch me cut the steeks this afternoon, and I think he likes the finished product.
I like it too. I "tried" it on the best I could without having the shoulders seamed, and it fits! Most susprising, I think the neck mod looks real close to Eunny's last teaser sweater, but I can't be certain until I have this bad girl finished and blocked. I am going to finish the neckline like the pattern says, with the short-row shaping, but I need to wait for payday to get a size one circ needle, and if I can't find one in town, that means placing a KP order.

Until then, I've started on sleeve island, trying to fit the cuff on my size 1 DPN's.

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