Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Computer problem fixed...

Sort of.
DH mentioned the problem with my laptop to his boss, and his boss gave him an old 17inch flat screen monitor that they had no use for other than collecting dust.
So, we got the monitor set up to the computer, same size screen as the lap top had, so no real change there. Now I have to type on the laptop, and turn my head to look at the screen. DH and I are thinking of hooking an external keyboard and mouse up as well, and just using my laptop as a CPU unit. But that would be silly looking, wouldn't it?

It was late by the time we got it hooked up last night, and I didn't' get any photos shot or uploaded, but I will try to do that tonight while cooking and DH takes C to the park (weather permitting).

What also made it late last night was the dogs both got out while C and I were going out front to wait on DH to get home with dinner. I set C down in our front yard and took chase, since both dogs were headed to the park. I cornered Ying, and got her back home, but Yang was across the street and running fast. I went in and grabbed the quick leash, since Yang can't seam to keep any collar on for more than 5 minutes. So, I grab the collar and C, and we head out the door running. A group of guys playing basketball in the park said that he took off running to the left. As I was looking that way, I saw DH driving up, so I flagged him down, put C in his car seat, and hopped in the passenger seat. We drove up and down the street calling his name and asking anyone we passed if they saw a orangish brown dog run by. Nothing. Its at this time that it sinks in just how close we are to Hwy 377 (Carroll) and that my baby could be hit by a car. C kept asking where Yang was, was he hiding in the leaves? on the roof? in that garage? After going the full length of the street DH decides to drive by our house to see if he showed up on his own, nothing, and we drive down the the cul-de-sac to turn around, and there we see him, running after the car. Thank god! I got out of the car and gave Yang a big hug, put the leash on him and walked him home. I'm so glad he is safe, but he gave me a major scare.

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