Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 days

That's it. 10 days until my birthday.

Also, 10 days until H's birthday and I have lots of knitting to finish for her.

I have the first Jaywalker sock done and I am done with the leg of the second one. I have also tarted a Calorimetry out of the leftover yarn from C's birthday sweater, which was a real quick knit. I cast off on it last night, but haven't taken any photos yet.

I haven't done much work on D's PFS in the last week. I am back at the point where it was frigged, but I have been focusing mainly on getting the Jaywalkers done. I think when they are done, I will go back to the PFS full time.

C did some holiday shopping for me on EBay.

2200 yards of fingerling weight Austrian Merino wool. I think I see a Lucie coming up, which will take me forever, which is good since I joined Wendy's Knit From Your Stash 2007 project. I think I have enough birthday and Christmas yarn coming, if not, I can hit Simpatico with birthday money that my brother is going to give me. I think my one "Get out of Jail Free Card" will be used for the Firecracker sale in July.

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