Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Report on the WL front

I had a good week last week. I worked out three times using the Firm, but forgot to check which work out was on the rotation for Saturday, and did the wrong one. Oh well. I feel good, and am down 1.6 lbs for the week, and 5.6 so far for the year. I don't know if I am going to make the 10 lb goal by Valentines day, but I will do my best. I am also pushing myself to get down to 210 by N and D's wedding, or to be able to fit into a size 16 bridesmaid dress. The store had plenty in both sizes in stock, and if they need to order one, they should have it within 2 days, so I don't feel bad about not buying it this weekend. I did look Hot in the size 18, but I want to look hot in a smaller size.

Last week also marked the second week in a row where I didn't use all my FP (just barley though). The Sourdough Jack that I had for lunch Saturday in the midst of the dress stress put a big hole in my points (20 pts between that and a few bites of fries!)

The website said that there was a store that had the dress at Grapevine Mills Mall, so we headed there (since it is closest to my mom's and she was watching C for us) first. We hiked around the complex, consulted the kiosk and Customer service in vain. There wasn't a store there. A few quick calls to D and H (for her Google fu) provided there was another store in Stonebrier Center, so we hopped on 121 and were there in less than 30. They were so helpful, and the dress was so flattering! I do think I need to get the proper undergarments(strapless bra and pantie shaper's) before I go try on again and buy. Thank goodness there is a Nordstroms right next door, I might actually get fitted by an expert for the bra.

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