Friday, January 12, 2007

I'll be doing the feather dance this weekend!

I have 8 3/4 rows, plus bind off, left on the PFS. I didn't get much done on it last night (only 2 rows or so) because my back is killing me, and I went to bed early. I didn't get my morning row done either, because C was awake as soon as I got out of the shower and wanting some Mommy time. *Sigh* I am optimistic that I will have it finished (sans blocking) before N gets to our house tomorrow night for his game. Even if I wind up finishing it while the boys are hanging out. I am actually looking forward to doing the crochett bind off. Crochett was my first pashion, even if I have't done more than a simple chain for a provisional cast on since I made C's baby blanket.

I sent DH out to find the Winter 06 Interweave Knits yesterday, and Barns and Noble didn't have it, so I will be checking out a few other places this weekend. I will get my hands on it so I can start charting out my color variations for the sweater (even if I can't buy the yarn for a few months). That will give me the chance to do a few more stranded projects before I invest the time and money into Veniza.

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