Monday, January 08, 2007

Shake Your Tail Feathers

I had to use that title. I am on the edging of PFS #1 The end is in site. I can't believe that I made it through chart 7 in a little over a week! I think I might have this baby done in the next 10 days, if I can get 3 rows done each day (one in the morning, and two rows done after C is asleep). Of course, I am at work and don't have a new picture of it.

The Endpaper Mits are going slowly. They have been downgraded to a lunch time/car project, but since we haven't gone anywhere where I haven't been the driver all week, and I have been working through lunch to get some comp time earned, there hasn't been much progress in the last week.

The Lucie sweater body got ripped out and I cast on for a sleeve, thinking that I could get a better gauge of how much of my yarn that this is going to take, and if I can keep my gauge consistent.

The Merino Style that I got for Christmas is probably not going to work for the weekend pullover. Even though it has the same 120(ish) yards to 50 grams that the called for yarn has, the ball I pulled out to swatch with does not match the sample strand pictured in the magazine. I think I might have to come up with another project for it, maybe the Perl Buck Swing Jacket from a previous issue. That jacket has grown on me in the last few months, and from the FO's that I have seen while browsing the web. Plus, I should have enough yarn left over to make EJ's Deep V Argyle Vest with the Storm and Honey Merino Style. Two projects for the price of of one.

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