Friday, November 10, 2006

What are your ideal lace making conditions?

Another Lavevember Q&A!

I don't have any ideal lace making conditions. I have knit lace almost anywhere and everywhere. In the mornings I knit in bed waiting for my husband to get out of the shower. I knit in the car in the way to work when my husband drives. I knit at my desk before work, I knit a lunch. I knit lace walking across the college campus to meet my husband for lunch. I knit when we get home and my son is playing, I knit lace at night while watching TV, after my son goes to sleep. I knit in the car on trips to visit family, or go to the good grocery store across town.
About the only place I haven't knit lace at is church and while running on the treadmill. Any spare chance I get, I am knitting.

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