Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Frogging we will go...

Warning**Photoless post ahead.

I decided to give sock knitting another shot. I am currently working on a pair of Jaywalkers for my twin's birthday present. We are broke, and I have had the yarn (Trekking in pastels, C destroyed the band so I don't know the colorway right now) that had been a SIP for the last 11 months. Monday night I came home and frogged that sock and cast on the Jay's. So far it is an easy and fast pattern, and I think I will have the pair done before our birthday, even if that means PFS is put on hold for a bit at the end.

speaking of PFS...
I did a stupid mistake. I set her down mid-row, when I had less than 20 stitches on one of the needles, because C needed me RIGHT THEN. When I went back to PFS after C was calmed down, I forgot that I was mid-row, and accidentally pulled the needle out of the 20 stiches. After trying for 30 minutes to get the stitches on the needles, and failing due to the very delicate nature of the yarn, I made the ultimate decision to frog. Since I was knitting commando (no life-lines), that ment frogging the entire shawl.


I did break the yarn and keep some as a pseudo swatch to show N how soft the yarn knits up, and if he wants to tease D with the yarn, than that is good.

C saw the 'swatch' and asked if my knitting was broken.

I did cast back on, and I am almost done with chart 1 (again), and I think I will install lifelines (if I can find something that isn't white dentle floss) between charts. I am only working on this after C goes to bed right now, since he likes to poke the needles in the ball, and has tried pulling the yarn off the needles.


al said...

what needle size are you using with the baruffa (is that what it's called? there are so many names on the label)

Cynder said...

I'm using size 3 Addi Turbos.