Thursday, November 16, 2006

There She Grows!

As has been long promised, here is a picture of C in his birthday sweater. I love how the dark colors make his hair pop! I think this is the best sweater that I have knitted to date. But since it is a toddler sized sweater, it didn't take to long to complete, and I didn't get bored half way through the project.

Icarus is growing along. I am in the middle of Chart 3, and have 33 rows left to go. I love the color of this Marino Laceweight, and I know that it will go with so much in my closet.

Now that I am actually paying attention to the way the charts are written, instead of how the previous row was written, it feels like it is going faster, even though the rows are getting insanely long. It is taking me 30 minutes to do the wrong side rows and around 45 minutes to do each right side row, so it really is slow going right now.

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