Friday, February 23, 2007

Row counters not matching up?

I am almost done with the right front on the PBSJ. When I knit the first side, I was meticulous about making notes about which rows I did all the shaping on, as well as where the diamond pattern was as a back up. This morning while I was doing my post shower knitting (yes, I knit first thing in the morning while DH is getting ready, before its time to get C up and ready) I noticed that the diamond shape and the row # were not matching up with the first side. So I grabbed the left front, and matched up each diamond and noticed I needed to do another repeat in what I was sure was only 8 rows left. Either I flipped the wheel too much on the right front, or not enough on the left front. I'm just glad I thought to check before I started binding off for the neck. I should finish up the right front tonight, and instead of starting the sleeve right away, I will start swatching for my next sweater pattern, the Deep V Argyle Vest, also by the talented Eunny Jang. Her third design this year. As I have mentioned before, I will be using leftover yarn for this. I have 10 balls of Merino Style in Storm, which will be the MC, and I should have 9 ball in Honey, left over from the PBSJ. I don't know if the color combo is in style currently, but to me they work together, or at least I hope they work better than the colors I chose for the Endpaper Mitts did.
I did cast on for the Alpine Lace Scarf from Victorian Lace Today on Tuesday, and progress has been really slow. Since I'm using my trusty Addi Turbos, the P2tog's on the back row are hard to do. The pattern so far is really easy and fun to do, but I am only getting two to 4 rows done a night. Maybe after I finish up some other projects, and make a travel copy of the patten things will go faster. There is something about knitting from the book that slows you down.

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