Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday again.

Monday is for Weight loss
And I'm up again this week, back up to 225.8 Ug. I've regained almost everything I lost in January. Doing WW online isn't working for me, so I will start attending meetings tonight. Which will put the posting of the weekly weigh in at Monday nights, or Tuesday mornings. Oh well.
Knitting Front
I finished the second front piece for the PBSJ on Friday night, but didn't take any photos. I hope to start blocking this in pieces tonight after my WW meeting, after DS is in bed. Instead of casting on for the second sleeve, I decided to "swatch" for the Deep V Argyle Vest. By swatch, I mean, look and see that the called for gauge is the same that I am knitting the PBSJ at, and cast on for the vest. I am knitting the 44 inch version, since that is the largest I am willing to accept that I am right now. This is just for practice after all. I managed to complete the ribbing at the bottom and about 13 rows of the color work when I decided to check my gauge.
You guessed it. Its off. Instead of getting 22 stitches per 4 inches, I'm getting 27. I have to go up a needle size, which I never do. I'm a loose knitter and normally have to go down a needle size or three.
I did put the vest aside last night and cast on for the second sleeve, and will try to have it finished this week, including blocking and piecing, but I'm not really holding my breath.
The shawl has been neglected all weekend in anticipation on switching over to the size 4 KP needles that will be sharp enough to do the P2togs.

ETA: I started a new blog to journal my weight loss struggles at
I will try to keep this blog more about knitting and less whining.

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