Friday, February 09, 2007

A good week for knitting...

A Bad week for everything else.

The week started of with C and I both being sick at the same time. Normally I don't mind taking a sick day from work to stay home with him, but when he is sick (running a fever, controlled with Tylenol) the boy is one little hyper ball of non-stop energy. I needed to rest and recover myself, instead C had me playing, dancing, cleaning doggy doo (don't ask), baking, and doing a lot of holding and snuggling. Tuesday I traded off with DH so I could go into work and recover from my sick day, but had to watch C while DH had a meeting. When I finally got to work, the first thing I did was to spill my coffee all over myself and my desk. Wednesday was the 2 year anniversary of my SIL's death from Cancer. Carrying C into daycare, I tripped, spilling both of us to the ground, hurting my knee and banging his head really hard. Being a 2 year old, he has made a full recover much faster than I have.
The border of the POTW stole is coming along well. I have been averaging 5 repeats a day (more on Monday when I was home with C) and I am almost halfway done with the edging. I am not liking the stripes of the edging, but I think I will have to learn to live with it unilt it is blocked. Who knows, maybe the miracle of blocking will change my mind on that.
I have made good progress on the PBSJ. I finsihed the left front tonight, while surfing YouTube for Bollywood videos. All that I have left is the right front, which I will cast on for tomorrow, and sleeve island. So fare I have only used 6 of the 20 balls of Merino Style that I have for this, so I think I will have plenty left to make the Deep V Argyle Vest from Eunny's website as well. While the color's aren't the best combo together (MS Honey and Storm, both left over from other projects), it will give me a chance to practice stranded knitting on a larger scale than the Endpaper Mitts did, and maybe I will build enough confidence in my knitting to order the yarn to make either Wendy's Ingrid or Eunny's color work sweater from the winter IK.

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