Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monday Weightloss, Tuesday eddition.

I'm up a pound. I'm not happy about it, but we have all been sick at the Cynder household, and I haven't had the time to workout since Wednesday, and I have been eating junk since Saturday. I am counting points today, and will have to dip into Flexies for tonight, and I know I was way over for yesterday.

C and I stayed home sick yesterday, and had pizza and made cookies, so I blue a bunch of points there. I'm trying to eat healthier today.

On the knitting front, I'm about 70 rows in the left front of PBSJ, and should finish the front by Saturday (which is my goal), and I have 14 repeats of the border done on POTW stole. However, I am paranoid that I am going to run out of yarn, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Since I bought these skeins last May, I doubt that the same dye lot is available.

Knitting Math.
If there are 2 rows each with 17 and 21 stitches, and 4 rows with 18, 19, and 21, that averages to 19 stitches per row and 304 stitches per repeat.
The body had 80 stitches per row and 960 stitches per repeat.
That means I can do 3.15 repeats of the border with the same yarn that it took to do the body.
84 repeats of the border divided by 3.15 equals 26.6, the equivalent number of body repeats that I could do with the same yarn. Since I ran out of yarn on the first ball in the 33rd repeat, and still have a small ball left over from the Swallowtail (in the same dye lot), I think I will be ok.

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