Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday is for Weightloss

but this week I am stalled, again. Still at 226. Grrr. I was doing so great the first half of last week, I was down 2 lbs early on, looking like I was going to make a full recovery in the gain, than V-day and AF hit on the same day, and I have been a chocolate-eating-pizza-gorging-whats-a-veggie? girl ever since.

This week I will do better.
This week there will be no massive chocolate eating.
This week there will be no binging on doughnuts while working OT after already having MacDonald's
This week I will make the time to work out even if I have to drag my fat ass out of bed at 5 am to do it.
This week I will not trip and bang up my knee to where I can't work out like I've done the last two weeks

On the knitting front:
I finished the POTW stole, and have a photograph of it pre-blocked in the camera, at home, unable to post it right now.
I finished the first sleeve of the PBSJ, and cast on for the right front. I think I should get this finished this week, or early next week. Then I can use the needles for the Alpine Lace Shawl from VLT. I'm thinking I'll use the Midnight Alpaca KP lace weight yarn for it, and see how much yarn I use.

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JennyRaye said...

You can do it, Cynder! Make a plan and stick to it. I'm right there with ya.