Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I really need new batteries

for the Camera. I now have 3 FO's that I need to get photos of, two of which need to be blocked still.

I finished the Peacock Feathers 2 shawl Sunday Morning, and cast on for the Mock Harlot Wedding Shawl in the black Alpaca Cloud. I got through the first chart and 1/2 through the first repeat of the second chart and decided the black color was too dark for the pattern. I convinced DH to take me down to Simpatico, hoping to find a nice leafy green laceweight yarn to use instead. Nada. I did find a cream/off white Merino Ono (cobweight yarn) and grabbed a skein of that. I have 1375 yards to work with, and cast on as soon as I got home. I also grabbed a skein of Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color sock yarn in shades of blue and cast on for a different pair of socks. The yarn I was using for the Bayerish socks is too splity, and they are going to weight until I either get brave enough to cast on in the Lorna's Laces, or get a few skeins of a good solid color sock yarn.

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