Sunday, March 04, 2007

I can't think of a title right now.

Yesterday my parents took C to a car show and kept him overnight so DH and I could attend bachelor/ette parties. D has strep so the bachelorette party was canceled. I did take advantage of the time to get the PBSJ blocked and pinned out. Everything sank to the proper measurements, except for the sleves, but I will work with those when I sew them and steam block later this week. I was able to unpin the fronts and the yoke this morning, but the back and the sleeves need a bit more time to dry.

Progress has been slow on the Alpine Knit Scarf. I did change the needles to the KP Option 4's and have managed to trudge through one and a half repeats this weekend. I think once I hit the transition and the rose leaf pattern and don't have to p2tog quiet as much, I should start moving a lot faster on this. The Alpaca Cloud is so soft to work with, an is much finer than the Shimmer I used for my last shawl.

I did rip out all the color work progress from last weekend on the Deep V Argyle vest, and I re-started it on the size 5 needles Thursday night after I bound off the last sleeve for the PBSJ. This isn't the best color combo I have seen the vest done in, but it is growing on me as I knit and get more rows done. Worse comes to worse, I can always wear it with a red shirt and go as "Ugly Betty" on Halloween.

Friends of ours had their second child yesterday, and speaking of child, its time I go get dressed and pick up C from my parents.

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JennyRaye said...

The Alpine Lace is looking great! You're using Alpaca Cloud--yummm--one of my favs and the yarn I'm using for Hidcote.

Your colorwork looks amazing too!