Monday, March 12, 2007

Not much knitting going on

this weekend, because it was N and D's wedding! We were all members of the wedding party, and had obligations all three days. Friday I got a little knitting done in the morning running with DH and my Dad to the Asian market in Carrollton to get stuff for dinner Sunday night. After that it was time to pick up C from daycare and get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. The plan was for me to walk out as one of the first brides maids, and for C to walk out just before D. In the rehearsal, when I walked out before him, he stood in the doorway crying, and cried the entire way down the aisle.
Take two. C walk out with Mommy, holding her hand if necessary. That went OK, but DS was getting tired and cranky early on. We let him run wild during the dinner (at El Guapo's), and ran into one of his daycare friends on the way out.

Saturday morning DH took C to the park to get him worn out early on while I joined the other bridesmaids at Danny's salon to get ready for hair. There was NO KNITTING at all on Saturday. *gasp* After I was done with hair DH and C picked me up, went home, packed our bags, and went to the hotel to get ready.

How cute is this?
All three of us clean up pretty well, don't we? I'm just sorry we don't have a better shot of C and I. I did wear the Print O' the Wave stole, and received a ton of compliments on it. D didn't wear the Peacock Feathers Shawl, but still looked beautiful. After the ceremony my dad came and picked up C so DH and I could party with the rest of the crowd, and hang out with friends we don't get to see very often.
We did get to stay in a nice room at the Wildwood Inn, and had a wonderful breakfast Sunday morning. Then we went and picked up C from my parents house, went home and started prepping for Tark's birthday dinner. Home made dumplings with shrimp and fish balls (my fav!) and steamed buns plus pineapple rice (which turned out better than I though it would) There was so much food, and I didn't break out my knitting at all.
I did manage to get to row 49 of the DVAV, almost time to start the increases, and will soon start the steeks, and 5 rows of the ALS. Since the sun is up latter now, I will try to get picks tomorrow night (tonight is my WW meeting).

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What a beautiful family!