Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness has struck...

Go Mean Green!

UNT has made it into the NCAA playoffs!

DH took care of bath and putting C to bed last night, so I had real knitting time. I got a few more rows done on the Deep V, I started the neck steak, and am on the first row of decreases/increase after that. I'm probably 1/2 way done with the sweater, considering that after this the rows get smaller and will go much faster, and I am at a point where I need to move to smaller needles already.

I also cast on for the Cap Shawl. After quiet a few mistakes with the cast on instructions in the book, I googled for better instructions, and found Eunny's tutorial. I am about 12 rows in, not much, but it is addictive, and I hope to get much more of this shawl done over the next week while DH and I are off for spring break.

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