Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Halfway Point

Here was my progress as of Monday night on my NaKniSweMo project. Please pardon the blechy bathroom mirror photo, it was late, and I was the only one up. Sleeves are done, and I am on the 15th repeat of 30 (or 40 if I have the yarn) repeats of the body pattern. Only 60 (or 100) rows of 189 stitches left! 11340 (or 18900) stitches left to knit! Totally doable. Well, plus the collar, but I'm working on that at lunch currently. I did decide to make the collar about half as wide as the pattern. This is mostly to make sure I have the yarn to knit it, reading Ravelry, this seems to be the major yarn suck of the pattern.

Finally a post on the weight loss progress. After months of saying I needed to get back on track, I finally re-signed up for Weight Watchers. I tried using a free site for months to count calories, but it never "clicked" for me, and I kept going over every day. Friday I noticed my weight had crept back up to the 230's and briefly hovered at the weight I was when I had Kaylee less than 2 years old. Not good. Not good at all. So far so good. I have found it easy to avoid the sweets and bread (except for two occasions where there was stress and all you can eat pizza, but I didn't go as overboard as I had in the past)

My first WI is Friday, and I will try to post the results then.

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