Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trying to post once a week

Doing good so far.

I'm still camera less, so once again, no photos.

Sunday Corwin and I dyed the yarn for his Spiderman hat and mittens. I decided to use the Calypso Heathered Knitpicks Palette I had in stash, and to over dye one skein a very dark violet for the "black", and my mom had some bare palette that Corwin and I dyed red with Kool-aid and red food coloring. The colors for both turned out beautiful, just what we were wanting, and I cast on Monday night at knit night. It was there that I found my first problem. The purple yarn was bleeding all over my hands as I was knitting, leaving purple streaks around my fingers where the yarn was tensioned and my fingers that touched the knitting. No biggie. I knew I had glvoes at home for dying hair, so I could use those for knitting. I got through the blue section of his hat before bed, and got a few rows in on the red before I noticed just how small the hat was. I called Corwin over so we could try on the hat, and it was too small! The hat was coming out to 16 inches, when my son has a head circumference of 21 inches. I'm thinking I'm just going to buy some Wool Ease and try again at a larger gauge, rather than trying to re-write the pattern, because I know the gloves would be too small for him as well.

So I've been working on Kaylee's jacket ever since, trying to get that finished so I can start and focus on Corwins set when I can get the yarn. I finished the left front on Friday night, and started on the right front Saturday. I had a few mistakes in row counts that led to 10 rows or frogging, twice!, but I finished the right front last night, and will cast on for the second sleeve at lunch today. If all goes to plan, I should have the the sweater seemed by the end of this weekend, and will only have the collar to work on. I will have enough yarn to do a matching hat, and will work on that while I'm waiting on getting the yarn to do Corwin's set.

I've decided to frog my February Lady Sweater. I just haven't been feeling the love for it. I've had it as a WIP since April, and maybe get 5 rows a week. At this rate, It will take over a year to finish the sweater. And to top it off, I think the yarn will rock as this. I only have 1100 yards of the blue dyed, so I'm waiting to see how yardage goes for others making the sweater.

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