Thursday, August 20, 2009

52 Weeks to GO!

Steve is currently in an accelerated nursing program through Texas Woman's University. He is working on getting his BSN in a 15 month program for people who already hold a bachelors degree in any field. Until then, I'm the bread winner, but after he graduates, the plan is for me to start working part time, and to be around when our son is home from school (he starts Kindergarten the same month that Steve graduates).

I have decided to dedicate myself to losing this weight, and trying my best to reach MILF status before my son starts kindergarden, or to try my best to get as close to it as I can. I know that we won't have mony for junk food or fast food more than maybe once or twice a month, and most of what we will eat will be inexpensive, whole foods. I will start using my bread maker (the one I have had for 7 years and have used 7 times) to start making our bread at home. Mmm hot fresh bread in the evenings, and limiting the amount of meat that I eat to once a day, dinner time only. Or at least I will do to the best of my ability on our budget. But vegetarian meals for breakfast (oatmeal, cream of wheat, fruit, etc) will be cheaper than hitting fast food. Lunches will take being creative. I might allow myself canned soup with a little meat in it, but I will avoid hamburgers, meat filled subs, Chick Fil A, and all the bad options that I have near campus. Dinner most nights will be from the crockpot to save time, and to have hot meals waiting for us when we get home.

Until then, Steve has voted for pizza tonight. Here is hoping that I don't make a complete and utter pig of myself and eat half (or more!) of the pizza, again.

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