Thursday, March 12, 2009

You think you have your life all planned

Well, at least your knitting life, and not the whole knitting life, but at least for the next few months.

You have two sweaters on the needles that you are switching between, the Parker Cardigan, and another Cardi you found on Rav, plus you know you have the yarn for a few things like the Whisper Cardigan, February Lady Sweater, Fountain Pen Shawl, and you are pretty sure you signed up for Mystic Rose.

Then life (or at least Knitty) comes and throws a huge wrench in your plan.

I'm in complete and total love with the shawls in this Knitty. I must knit Aeolian, as soon as is humanly possible. Sure I haven't completed a shawl since the Ravelry Knitting Olympic event in August, but this is different. This is lust.

I would love to be able to buy some DIC baby or Malbrigio Lace for this, but I'll be a good girl and knit from my huge lace stash (most of which has been knit and frogged at one point).

But I am tempted.

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