Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Once again, call me a bad blogger

Both as a knit blogger, and as a diet blogger.

I have fallen at one and succeeded at the other in real life.

The failure: The diet so far. I was doing killer until the last week of November, I was down to 205, the lowest weight I had been in almost 3 years. Then the holidays hit, and being deprived the previous holiday season, I ate.
And ate.
And ate.
The holidays were over and I was still eating
Back up to 216 lbs :(

But I think I'm back on track.

I started ChaLean Extream with the husband. Got through the first week, loving every moment of it, the burn after I was done, the sore muscles, everything.
Then I got a UTI, and missed a week.
But I'm back, and planning on doing more in less than an hour.

Knitting, I have been doing non-stop.

I've completed so much that I haven't had time, energy, or really desire to blog about, but after going through the blog before I was pregnant, there was a lot that I had to say, and I was a half way decent blogger.

I'm currently working on The Parker Cardigan from the Spring Interweave Knits, in Knit Picks Shine Sport, and it is pretty, and soft. I hope the weather clears up so I can get photos this weekend.

And the blog, I'm debating changing the name back to "I Knit, Therefore I Frog" even though there is a lot less frogging going on.

If anyone still reads this, do you have an opinion?

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