Friday, September 19, 2008

Rambelings on Knitting

I can't believe its been over a month since I last posted anything, again. I am turning int a bad knitblogger. I blame Ravelry. It makes things so easy, and makes it seem silly to write about the same projects on multiple places, but I miss being able to ramble on about knitting in an environment where my friends don't think I'm crazy.

Ravelympics- I finished not one, but two objects! Laminaria, which was my main project. The shawl turned out so lovely, and will more than likely wind up being my MIL's Christmas present this year.
Knitting 021
Pattern: Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman
Pattern source: Spring 2008
Yarn: Lone Star Arts Catalyst
1 Skein, about 800 yards
Purchased at DFW Fiber Fest, April 2008

I finished early, and wound up finishing Helena for the WIP wrestleling. We have had a few cool enough mornings this week for Kaylee to wear it to daycare, where it had much oohing and awwing. I just hope they don't decided to wash it for me. I do need to get some photos of her wearing it, but for now, Corwin's spider man sheets do a good job.
Knitting 003
Pattern: Helena by Alison Green Will
Pattern source: Summer 2008
Yarn Knit Picks merino Style, 4 skeins,
over dyed with Koolaid in a gradaded pattern

I'm almost done with Lisel. I have just one sleeve left to knit. This is the first time I've knit with MMMMMMmmmmalabrigo yarn, and I'm in yarn lust! I want to move to a colder part of the country so I could wear it in more than an airy cardi. The pattern has been easy to follow, but has been taking a long time due to getting other things done.
I wasn't too sure about this colorway to begin with, and part of me still wishes I had gone for the blue-green one. But I have told the husband that more MMMmmmalabrigo would make a nice birthday or Christmas present for me this year.

Corwin's yearly birthday sweater is coming across fast. His only requirements were that it be a green hoodie. I searched and searched Ravelry for a free child size hoodie pattern that wasn't girly, but no luck. I broke down and ordered the Little Cabled Hoodie pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works, and I am enjoying this pattern. Its well written, and easy to follow, and I have my eyes on other patterns from them that I want to knit. I think I will have the hoodie finished this weekend, and then I will need to find a zipper and sew it in.
Green Hoodie

I think I should be finishing up the green hoodie and Lisel this weekend. Which means I can get back to working on the Mystery Shall 4. I'm using the Alpaca Cloud in Iris Heather and bead from the forgotten Moroccan Days shawl for it, but I'm not loving it 100% . I need to start a new sweater, and I have had everything for the Apris Surf Hoodie for months, but found the pattern for A Cardigan for Merry which would only fit Kaylee this year. But the Apris surf hoodie yarn has been in stash, and it is perfect weather to knit and wear it. I'd cast on for both, but they both call for the same sized needle. Decisions decisions.

And I'm happy in a geeky way that I finally figured how to link photos from Flickr so I can put them in where I need them, and not have to load them all up at the start, and hope they come are in the same order that my train of thought is.

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