Monday, October 23, 2006

I haven't been here in a while

I have fallen off of the weight loss track again, but I have been a knitting fiend the last few weeks.

I have finished three 'big' projects in the last month, but of course I don't have any photos of them up yet.

I finished Corwin's birthday sweater on his birthday. He know's it is his, calls it "My Yarn", but he won't let me put it on him to get a picture. *Sigh*

I am 99.9% done with the Kimono Sweater. I have it bound off, seamed, and tried it on again on Saturday, only to find out that I droped a stitch at one of the shoulder bind offs. So as soon as I get that picked up and woven in, I will be able to wear it out in public.

I also have jumped on the Swallowtail Shawl band waggon. I cast on for it 10/2 and I finished it on 10/21, so not even 3 weeks. Of course it is a fast knit, and once I got past the nupps, it all went really fast. All that is left is blocking it, and I might do that tonight after Corwin is down.

Now my only problem is what to knit next. I have cast on three more projects, and have the yarn and desire to do two more after that. I have the Portland Sweater on one set of needles, Icarius shawl on a second set, and I started Sheerwood on my quasi broken bamboo needles, that were the right lenght for knitting it in the round. I really want to cast on for Glasgow Lace, and did cast on Saturday, but wasn't able to get guage on the needles I was using, and my 3's are in use Icarius. I also want to knit the Shapely Tee with my leftover yarn from the KS.

Now that I have found my digital camera from the move two moves ago, I hope to get some photos taken soon.

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Crystal said...

Thanks so much for the comments... your kimono sweater is looking beautiful, I can't wait to see it finished! Love the color, too!