Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fell Off the Wagon

You know, the diet/workout wagon where I could reward my efforts with purchases at Fiber Fest last month.
Work out days 0
Pounds lost 0
Yep. A great big nothing
I gained a few pounds.

I suck
I need to get better at the working out and holding myself accountable thing.

I did go to DFW Fiberfest, and I did spend money.
My MIL gave me some money to go have fun with (I love her so) and I sold some old books and DVD's that I had doubles of to raise some money.

I went, and I didn't' buy yarn.

Not a single skein.

But I didn't leave empty handed.


A Butterfly Girl Designs drop spindle. I've been drooling over her spindles ever since I started Stalking the Spindlers group on Ravelry.

Plus Fiber

Butterfly Girl Mini balls
ButterflyGirl Mini Batts

And More Fiber

Butterfly Girl Roving
3.3 oz ButterflyGirl Rose Garden

And More Fiber
Wool Rooving
5 ozAshland Bay Merino Multi-Color in "English Garden" that I got a great deal on.

And Silk!!!
Silk Roving
1 oz of Tussah Silk Roving

I've spun up a few of the mini bats, and then decided to dive head first into the silk, and I'm in LOVE. Its so easy to spin.

I also finally, 18 months after casting off, blocked the Mock Harlot Wedding Shawl

Mock Harlet Shawl

And found HOLES!!!
I hyperventilated and cried all day when I saw them, then decied to re-knit it later, when I had less lace on the needles. And to do something crazy like spin the yarn... in silk... But that will be a ways down the road when I get better at spinning.

And after I get this up and running

spinning wheel!!!

Maybe I should change the blog's name back to Fit n Fiber?

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