Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to Fit n Fiber

I think it fits my newfound obsession with spinning and the huge lecture I got from the Midwife I say for my gyno visit this morning, its time for some changes.

I do need to make it a goal, no a priority to lose at least 40-60 lbs. My weight is back up to 219, and I know I don't want to get back in the 220's again. I want to be thin! I want to be healthy!

First step, which is something I've learned from so many resources, is to journal every bit of food I eat. So this might get old and repetitive on the blog, but I don't think that many people read it (if you do, I'm apologizing in advance for boring your socks off)

Breakfast- Sausage McMuffin, Hash browns and a Skim Caramel latte from McDonald's. Not the best choice for breakfast after getting told to lose weight, but it was 2 hours past my normal breakfast time and I was starving (fasting blood work)

Lunch-2 slices of high fiber bread (don't remember the point count), 1 morning star farms spicy black bean burger (they were on deep sale at Target, will get more), 1 slice of cheese, jalapeños slices, and jalapeño cheddar chex mix.

Snack- Recess pb cup, pudding cup, carrots


And there is fiber to this post

My first spinning!!
Knitting 003

Which meet with a horrible yarn barf accident when I attempted to ply, and got tossed into the trash in 60 broken threads.
I immediately started on my second spinning project
Knitting 008
Which I didn't have too many problems plying.

At that point, the smart, safe thing to do would have been to keep spinning the baby batts from BFG, but instead, I jumped feet first into the silk
Knitting 009
I'm in love, and already dreaming of getting my hands on more silk for a spinning project.

I also finished the Parker Cardigan on Sunday
Knitting 012Knitting 014
It needs buttons, but I wore it out to the mall with the family.

And my mothers day present? Fiber!
(photo yanked from Etsy, since I can't remember to take a photo, and am blogging from work, and should wait for upload to finish before I delete the photo from my computer)

Still no spinning wheel, but I hope it will come soon.

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