Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FO: Katja

Kaylee in Katja
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I'm testing out the "Blog this" option with Flickr, so if this a bit of a test.

I actually have a FO to show off, Katja from Knitty.com.

The size is 12 months, and knit in Berecco Linen Jeans from Delightful Hands in Celena, TX, about 1.5 skeins, and took about 2 weeks to knit here and there.
Its a bit big for the little girl, but as fast as she is growing, she will be crawling around town in this in no time!

This was a fun knit, and I think I'm going to have to make a larger size for her next summer, but in a cotton yarn, instead of this rayon and linen blend.

Things have been crazy in knitting land the last month. I've had a bad case of "Startitus", and have cast on for, and frogged, many items. Socks, Cowels, etc. I'm also trying to finish a few things before the start of the Ravelympics on August 8th.

In progress that I need to finish are the Wakame Lace Tunic from the Summer IWK (link to my Raverly project page in sidebar). I'm knitting this in KP CotLin, and I. Love. This. Yarn! Its perfect for knitting in 100+ Texas Summers! I have about one and a half repeats of the front left before it is time to start shaping the neck. I'm thinking instead of binding off and picking up the stitches, I'm just going to knit the stitches (for the bind off section) and place on a spare needle, and treat the front like the back. I need to get this finished before the Ravelympics, so I can have my size 6 Option tips back (and I don't get the front piece confused with the back).

Also on the in progress and need to finish list is Helena for Kaylee. I'm using Merino Style left over from my Deep V Argyle Vest, which was left over from my Pearl Buck Swing Jacket, which I over dyed using Kool Aid (photos on the Rav Project page, see sidebar for link) I still love how soft and smoochy this yarn is. Mmmm Merino. I only hope the little chunker doesn't outgrow the 18 month size before March.

And on the Waiting to be Cast on List, Laminaria, for the Ravelympics. I'll be knitting for Team 4815162342! I'm using the Lone Star Arts Catalist Lace that I picked up at DFW Fiber fest in April. I've entered her in the Shawl Relay and the Laceweight Longjump. I know that we are able to cast on early in the day when the opening ceremonies happen in Bejing, but since its a work day, I will wait until the ceremonies air on TV here before casting on, that way I don't lose two days of knitting (blocking and photos must be done before the end of closing ceremonies in what ever time frame you choose). The only downfall to this plan is the DH's birthday party is also the night of the opening ceremonies. I think he will understand.

I also have yarn for, and castonitus for Shetland Shorty, using leftover Yarntreehouse/Jojoland Melody from Venezia, Wicked (with bust darts) using the Brooks Farm Solo from the DFW fiberfest, Liesl, using MmmmMalabrigo, and the Organic Hoodie in a green yarn of some sort for Corwin. (So much knitting to do, so little time)

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